Zeolite Water – The Most Powerful Detox Drink And Cure For Many Diseases


Zeolite earned its place as the mineral of the XX century because it possesses immense healing and purifying powers. This was declared by the World Organization for Scientific cooperation.

If you place zeolite in water it will remove all harmful substances known to man and it can even remove radioactive contamination. Zeolite’s qualities are used for many years in the animal husbandry, food industry, plant industry, medicine, aerospace etc.

This mineral can be purchased in health food stores. Zeolite’s structure is such that it first captures and then throws accumulated harmful compounds and toxins out of the human body.

  • Add 20 tablespoons of zeolite in a five-liter bottle/tube of water, from which you constantly drink.
  • Drink one glass of the zeolite-water early in the morning half an hour before you have breakfast.

The water in which you put zeolite should be spring or mineral. Never add zeolite in chlorinated tap water. Since zeolite is very powerful antioxidant, it can help the body to remove at least 3 to 4 kg of “dead weight”. This “dead weight” we are talking about is consisted of accumulated slag and poisons in our body.

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Zeolite catches and throws all radioactive, carcinogenic elements and heavy metals substances off of the body. It also eliminates lactic acid and ammonia from cells.

Thus this powerful mineral reduces the risk of cancer cells’ development. In addition, drinking zeolite-water will give your body its necessary dose of iron, sodium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, and chromium.

Zeolite’s beneficial qualities are almost unheard of – see for yourselves.

It removes substances and compounds harmful for the gall bladder and kidneys, it normalizes blood pressure, gets rid of stress and insomnia, protects against gastritis colitis, ulcers, successfully fights against cardiovascular system problems, reduces different allergies, reduces the blood sugar levels, helps patients with diabetes, stimulates the immune system, helps detoxification of the liver, heals nerve diseases and stimulates peristalsis.

Source: Healthy Food House


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