Your Fluoride Comes From China! And It’s Laced With Heavy Metals


It may interest you to know that the fluoride in your water comes from China and is laced with heavy metals.

Natural News reports suggest that the fluoride used in America and added to the water is provided by China and is purportedly contaminated with heavy metals.

It suggests that toxic elements like lead, aluminium and tungsten contaminates the sodium fluoride that is brought from China and added to U.S water supplies.

Natural News also indicated that substantial amounts of uranium and strontium were seen in some samples gathered and this put serious doubt to the purity of the industrial fluoride that is been used for water fluoridation.

The Test Results:

Six Chinese suppliers sodium fluoride were sampled.

The Natural News lab derived the aforementioned results;

The highest levels obtained (stated in parts per billion)

  • Aluminium -- 283,218 ppb
  • Arsenic -- 137 ppb
  • Strontium -- 9,417 ppb
  • Lead -- 988 ppb
  • Uranium -- 1,415 ppb
  • Tungsten -- this was found in 2 of the 6 samples, however a quantitative analysis was not conducted on the tungsten.

The average levels obtained (stated in parts per billion)

  • Aluminum -- 69,364 ppb
  • Arsenic -- 70 ppb
  • Strontium -- 1,751 ppb
  • Lead -- 299 ppb
  • Uranium -- 239 ppb

Because fluoridated water brings in a lot of money for companies, short cuts have been taken and standards have been compromised in the process of getting this fluoride with cheaper alternatives been explored.

Municipal water supplies across America get the fluoride added in the water from China which is now known to be heavy metals contaminated as stated by Mr. Bernard Miltenberger who is the president of the Pure Water Committee of Western Maryland.

He got in touch with a Maryland filtration plant and it was uncovered that the fluoride also used at that plant comes directly from China and is heavily contaminated with heavy metals also.

As stated in the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of Solvay fluorides a single teaspoon of 5 gms of sodium fluoride will kill an adult male weighing about 70 kg in overall body weight.

It also indicated that any chronic toxicity via an oral route can lead to dental as well as skeletal fluorosis.

It can also cause problems in the following organs;

  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Thyroid gland
  • Testes

The heavy metals are highly carcinogenic and have strong mutagenic, fertility and fetotoxic effects on an average person.

Serious doubt is now raised on government statement on fluoride. As fluoride has not been proven scientifically to be safe for human consumption. As a matter of fact fluoride poisoning is seen by scientists as the primary cause of dental fluorosis.

Aluminium mining provides the fluorine from which fluoride is derived.

It is interesting to note that America is the number one fluoride consumer in the world. Where Western Europe have united in the fight to ban fluoridated water because of its apparent health implications.

What you should consider is label on your regular toothpaste which states that it contains fluoride and that if a pea size is consumed one should immediately consult his or her doctor.

Think about it, if fluoride was good for you why then would that warning be stated?

Yet this is a daily oral health routine for virtually everyone.


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