You Will Be Marveled After Seeing What Will Come Out Of Your Intestines! Eat This Combination 3 Days For Dinner!


Namely this is one “vitamin salad” (vegetable and dark leafed vegetable) which is abundant in vitamins, minerals, fiber and pectin. Thanks to that, this salad contributes to effective cleaning of the intestines. It disposes the fecal deposits and reduces the body weight. This salad has ingredients that are low in calorie so, by taking these ingredients as dinner you can reduce and release yourself from the fatty deposits. Follow the recipe:


  • Carrot
  • Beet
  • Cabbage
  • Dark leafed vegetable
  • Olive oil
  • Juice from lemons
  • One glove of garlic
  • Herbs as spice by your choice (parsley, celery, dill for example)


Grate the cabbage, beet and the carrot in ratio of 3:1:1. Add the spicy herbs according to your taste. Knead the vegetables until there is present juice out of them. Add the lemon juice. To achieve little more spiciness to the salad add the also kneaded garlic glove. Pour little olive oil on it. The salad should be not salted. If you cannot withdraw from the salty taste use soy sauce which contains salt and improves the taste of food plus it has high nutritional value which is important and not harmful to health.


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