You Suffer From Painful Joints! Try This Simple Recipe Made Of Lemon Zest

Lemon is useful fruit that offers numerous health benefits. It possesses a wide range of medicinal properties and can help with various health problems. It has a positive influence on the stomach and liver, and it has the ability to strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system.

Lemon is extremely effective in the prevention of various diseases, including kidney stones, high blood pressure, flu, bronchitis and others.

Not only fruit of lemon is useful. This fruit’s zest has its own benefits as well. This recipe, consisting lemon peel, will help you solve the pain in the joints.

Ingredients needed:

-- 2 lemons

-- Olive oil

-- Jar

Method of preparation:

Peel the lemon and place the rind in a jar. Then fill the jar with olive oil, close it well and place it in a dark place to stay 2 weeks. After that period, strain the mixture through gauze and use the prepared oil to apply it onto the sick joints.

For gaining the best results you need to make the treatment at night, before going to bed, so the oil can work throughout the night. If you are not able to apply the coatings overnight, then you can do the treatment during the day the same way, but you will need to rest the ill joint for 3-4 hours until the remedy acts.