You Should Never Ignore These Scents

You want your home to be always safe and healthy, so this is why you need to be very careful and sensitive to these following three scents that can reveal hidden problem in your household.

Mold – Mold has strong and unpleasant smell that refer to specific problems in the construction of your home. If you feel the scent of mold and there are no visible traces than it means that the mold is present inside the walls but this happens very rarely because the mold always breaks on surface. The appearance of mold and its characteristic odor usually happen due to poor insulation and waterproofing in your home. Your bases absorb water which later is spread on the walls and breaks on surface. Sometimes the cause for mold is leaked pipe. In any case, if you notice mold at home, seek professional helps to determine and repair the source of the problem. If there is mold in your home that is just constructed then immediately contact the company in charge of the building because their duty is do remediate and fix this major drawback.

Gas – natural gas is odorless but to make it easier to recognize mercaptan is added- chemical for which the gas gets characteristic odor of rotten eggs. If you feel this characteristic odor, it indicates that there is risk of its leaking.

If in your home smells of gas:

  1. Close the main valve.
  2. Open wide all your doors and windows to create drafts.
  3. Do not light a fire, do not use lighters, matches, do not light cigarette and do not do any kind of flammable things.
  4. Do not use electrical appliances because they may cause a spark and create fire. Also do not use mobile or stationary phones. If you live in a building and you feel this smell in the hallways, do not use the elevator and immediately exit the building.
  5. Go to your first neighbor immediately or on the street and call emergency service, distributor of gas or fire service.

Unpleasant smell from the drain – this is common in all households. If you feel unpleasant smell coming from the drain then try to clean because the problem may be caused from dirtiness. If the smell comes from siphon that you usually do not use it often then, place more water inside it because the water which stands for longer time in the siphon creates unpleasant odor. If you cannot solve your problem for longer period of time, be sure to use proper service that will solve the problem with your drainage system.

Featured image source: WikiHow