You Drink Sugar-Free Coffee? You Will Be Shocked Once You Read This!

A certain Austrian study found that fans of bitter drinks and dishes show a greater tendency toward sadism and antisocial behavior.

Examining the relationship between personality and the propensity for specific tastes, scientists from the University of Innsbruck found that persons who desire bitter taste are more prone to sadism, narcissism and antisocial behavior.

The research was done on volunteers who were exposed to various categories of taste, then ranked and responded to questions relating to their personality.

The results of the studies have shown that individuals who enjoy the bitter taste are showing symptoms of psychopathy.

As with herbs, whose level of bitterness is an indicator of the level of toxicity, the tendency to bitter taste in humans shows the need to be endanger and require strong thrills.

The smaller the expressed need for a bitter taste the more the person is kind and ready for cooperation.