You Decided To Quit Consuming Meat? Here Are 5 Things That Will Happen…

The switch to a vegetarian diet will help prevent many diseases, but you will also certainly lose some excess body weight.

Anyone who has watched the documentary “Supersize Me”, has thought, at least for a moment, that they can throw out meat from their diet. But that thought quickly and safely leaves your brain when you think of a good piece of meat or hamburger. However, once you decide to quit eating meat here are 5 things that will happen to you.

1. You will lose some excess body weight

Does ejection of meat from the diet does affect us in any way? Neal Barnard, professor of medicine at the University George Washington, looked for the answer to this question. He analyzed the clinical research on the impact of vegetarian diet and weight loss and came to the conclusion: in addition to preventing many diseases, vegetarian diet will help you lose at least four kilograms of body weight.

2. You can protect yourself from heart diseases

More studies, in which more than 76,000 men and women were involved, found that there is a 24% lower risk of heart disease in vegetarians, as well as with clogged coronary arteries compared to those who consume meat. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In addition, a vegetarian diet has anti-inflammatory action.

3. You may lose sense of taste

Survey conducted in the Japanese University Tokushimau has shown that zinc, which we enter in the body mostly through consumption of meat, is credited for taste. Reducing the intake of zinc leads to loss of taste. Beans, nuts, grains and dairy products contain zinc, but phytic acid found in these foods prevents the absorption of zinc. This is why vegetarians are often recommended supplements to replace the zinc, which recommended daily intake for women is 8 milligrams and for men is 12.

4. Muscles recover longer

Proteins are very important for muscles, and the difference between animal and vegetable protein is that plant protein make muscles recover slower. This is why athletes, who are vegetarians, take protein shakes after strenuous training, because thus protein is quickly absorbed.

5. You may need food supplements

All those who are on a vegetarian diet may have a lack of iron, calcium and vitamin B12. In order to compensate, they may be required to take nutritional supplements so they can meet the recommended daily doses.