You Can See Your Entire Organism In Your Palm: Apply Pressure Onto This Point And All Pain Will Be Gone Within 5 Minutes! (VIDEO)

Even though modern medicine discovers much about it some problems, especially when it comes to chronic disease, very are difficult to solve.

A French doctor, who was familiar with alternative methods of treatment, when he was told to compare conventional and alternative medicines he said that if he needs surgery or rehabilitation of some acute diseases, he would always went to conventional doctors, and if he had chronic problems he would gladly turn to alternative healers.

There is a method, which, although complex and cannot be learned in 5 minutes, you can still start using. In addition, it is very effective, even when applied by beginners, and most importantly, if you follow the basic rules you will be completely safe.

We are talking about a Korean acupressure on the hands and feet called “Su-Jok”, which literally means hand-foot. Similarly as Chinese traditional acupuncture or Ayurvedic medicine, this method is based on the energy of the meridians associated with our bodies.

Namely, each organ is part of our entire body and is connected to the rest of the body and mind, biochemically, neurologically and energy. The occurrence of an energetic disorder always starts before the occurrence on disease of a certain organ. Then it is much easier to remove the problem after the body will suffer. However, the question is how to know whether there was impairment: Due to everyday’s stress and the accelerated lifestyle we have lost our natural feeling that tells us if something is wrong with us.

Fortunately Su Jok acupressure offers an answer. Since your entire organism is leaning on your arm (or leg), you can find the point linked to certain organs. You can see on the image which organ is linked with the corresponding points on the palm that are more painful to the touch than other points of the palm. And vice versa -- if a certain point on the palm is very painful to the touch than the rest, you have a problem with the organ linked to it. You can determine which organ the point is linked to through correspondence showed the pictures. The image shows where on the palm the lungs and heart are located, and below you can also see the link to both the bowel and liver.

Diagnosis as well as treatment of this system is performed with the help of diagnostic sticks (shown below). Of course, you do not need some special stick, but you need to find a long but not sharp object. If you want you can use an empty pen can.

All you need to know is that every point of the body, every organ, is corresponding to a particular point on the palm. If you observe the palm as it was body, the thumb is the head and neck, the index finger and pinkie finger are hands, the middle and ring finger represent the legs, the inside of the palm is the chest and stomach. Also, for example, the right forearm is another joint of the little finger on the right or left palm. The neck is the joint of the index finger of your right palm. You should find the point using that logic.

When you find the point you need to use a stick or some other object that is suitable for this purpose, in order to massage it by doing circular motions, clockwise or counterclockwise. Then you need to place buckwheat seed and fix it with a plaster. (For this purpose you can use other seeds but this is the most suitable, as can be seen in the video).

Only with this knowledge you can successfully cure migraines, neck pain and back pain and many other diseases.

You should notice the result immediately and if you want long-term solution you need to be persistent.

Since all of us have back pain, find the point and stand in the pain’s path!