You Are What You Eat: How Food Affects Your Evolution

You may think your daily diet means nothing, but it turns out you are what you eat, and food affects your evolution.

Food is the focus of people’s lives in many ways; whether you are dieting, craving foods or feeling guilty about what you ate so you are purging. Eating certain foods can make you popular, while other foods can lead to your social exile. It’s a very difficult tightrope to walk, and people are constantly discussing the foods they eat.

Evolution of Human Diet

In other times, the human being ate fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. Now, the amount of processed foods and junk that people consume is staggering. Due to that change, the occurrence of chronic disease that relate to what we eat, like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases have increased dramatically. Logically, the occurrence of obesity has skyrocketed as well. This outweighs the benefits of current diets, like the higher levels of Vitamin D and calcium and the lower levels of exposure to toxins due to a high in fish diet.

On the positive side, people today are aware of what they are putting into their bodies and how that may effect them. They still may not care, but the majority do care and work hard to eat better and get more nutrients from the available fare. Food provides the energy needed to keep moving and do what needs done. Still, it is astonishing the amount of Americans that opt for soda and fast food to get that energy,, as opposed to eating healthy vegetables and non-processed foods.

How Evolution and Food Are Related

Food becomes the parts of the body because it becomes nutrients when processed by the body. Therefore, putting foods into the body that are less than ideal (or eating toxic foods), means your body has little to work with and ends up unable to work at its optimal levels.

People in Western cultures need to move away from eating for entertainment or to avoid emotions. Instead, the use of food should simply be to keep the body working at its absolute best. The right foods should be eaten for that purpose.

The majority of foods eaten by Americans are particularly bad, as they are full of sugar, caffeine and white flour with little to no true nutritional value. For most people in the US, hypoglycemia and exhaustion occur as a result of a continued poor diet.

The World Health Organization has found that when followed in other countries, the diet US citizens eat results in serious diseases like diabetes, AIDS and chronic fatigue, among others. The white rice eaten in the US, for example, has lost 70% of the nutrients that would have been present in the brown rice. Therefore, a wake up call needs to be given to US citizens and efforts made to change the diet so the diseases decrease and the chance to live longer and healthier lives is re-introduced.