You Are Making One Big Mistake: This Food Is Not Dietary!

Some kind of food are declared as dietary but actually after consume they are doing the opposite effect in the body, gaining weight. We already know about the dietary Coca- Cola because there were many articles in which was written about the harmful sugar and ingredients which could be found in it. There are also many other ingredients which are filled with sugar and you have no clue about it.

Fruit yogurt – If you are dieting, never choose yogurt. The fruit yogurt is loaded with sugar and calories and the fresh fruit inside is just an extract. Make homemade fruit yogurt. Simply, mix plain yogurt, add honey and some fresh fruit by your choice and enjoy in the great tasting.

Vitamin water – It is best to drink plain, clean and natural water. Water which is fortified with some kind of vitamins, flavors and colors are actually plain marketing trick. This kind of water is not good for consumption and should be avoided. They are low in calories but contain artificial sweeteners that are much more harmful than the regular sugar.

Muesli – The muesli also falls into this group of “forbidden foods”. When you buy muesli, take a good look at the table of value located on the package and see if they contain trans- fats and artificial sweeteners.

Foods with 0% fats – If you thought that the food marked like this, with 0% of fat is real you are wrong. Actually if there is not fat present there is sugar present and artificial flavoring. Remember body needs fat for proper function.

Energy tiles – Many who try to lead a healthy life, consume energy tiles. On this kind of products there is always label which says they contain fiber and protein and the truth actually is that they contain large amounts of sugar. If you want to enter protein in your body on proper and healthy way eat little cheese or organic apple.


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