Without Saying A Word, This Short 6 Minute Video Will Leave You Speechless

Undercover journalists have exposed what really goes on in the neat industry.

A series of documentaries have shown grave malpractices that are inherent in the industry.

This has not been help by the myriad of policies and regulations aimed at protecting the meat processing industry from public scrutiny.

Modern meat processing factories take animal cruelty to new heights with their sharp malpractices because they know that the law has got their back -- literally!

The poultry, pork and beef processing industries are not concerned about the living conditions of the animals they slaughter.

These animals are packed in confined spaces with hardly any room for movement or physical activity.

They are pumped full of drugs to enhance their growth and hence their market value.

This should be of concern to us as we are what we eat,so if these animals are given chemicals to beef them up, then invariably we will be consuming these chemicals either in their meat or milk products.

It has been proven that these chemical compounds have long term adverse effects on humans causing organ failure and even the development of cancerous cells and tumors as these chemicals are usually carcinogenic in nature.

Ensuring that these factories carry out their activities in a more animal friendly manner and with more natural means will help tremendously in reducing the health risks in humans.

So before you eat that sausage or burger think about how it came to be and you will realise that you could be equally guilty of these malpractices.

Source: simplecapacity.com