With Healthy Food to Healthy Heart

With Healthy Food to Healthy Heart

Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the world is with the largest number. Of course part of the blame in our genes, lifestyle, physical inactivity, stress, but do not forget to poor nutrition. Of course itself you can help if you change the way of life and diet. We are here for you with useful tips and smart.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Indications of any heart disease cannot always be noticeable, but still, the body will send signals that you will “read”. Interesting new findings say that though what you eat, even if you had not had a heart attack, with the change of diet, you can prevent the attack, to stop the damage or repair the artery or to restore in normal condition because it is never too late

When you are born, your arteries are clean, clear and resilient. But already in the early years of life are beginning the process of blockage of the arteries, known as atherosclerosis or overgrazing of coronary arteries. Gradually thin layers of waste turns into plaque, fatty fibrous tissue becomes thicker in, and thus hinders the flow of blood. If any of these plaques burst, it can trigger the clotting mechanism. If clot becomes large enough, it can stop blood flow to a part of the heart muscle. This is called infarction. The reduced blood flow can cause abnormal heart rhythm-tachycardia and fibrillation -- which sometimes causes sudden death. If clogged blood vessel that leads to the brain burst the following effects may occur stroke.

How soon will you be muddled arteries or how fast will damage depend on what you eat. Proper nutrition can help to keep blood vessels traveled without dangerous clots and resilient enough to allow normal blood flow. With proper diet can fight against rising cholesterol and other fats in the blood, especially to influence blood clotting.

Fish -- Universal Cure for Heart

The best way to download the prospect of heart disease is to eat fish, especially oily fish, packed with fatty acids like omega 3. There are security evidence that fish have the ability to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. One important Dutch study found that the intake of 30 grams of fish per day, or a few servings a week for one-third decrease prospects for reducing heart attacks. Speaking of which types of fish are best, we would emphasize.

  • Mackerel
  • Brancin
  • Salmon
  • Orada
  • Cod

We have to note that the fish should always be combined with fresh salad. Besides eating fish every morning is best to start with a spoonful of fish oil.

Garlic and Onions

All those who want to be healthy and properly fed in their diet, and thus to protect their heart, should eat large amounts of garlic and onions, which with its benefits concentrated antioxidants and anticoagulants to protect arteries from blockage.


You can use olive and cold pressed unrefined sunflower oil.


If you drink alcohol, you should immediately reduce its consumption because alcohol is among the leading risk factors for protecting the cardiovascular system. One to two glasses of red wine a day can be very healthy habit, but not more than that. This way you will improve your blood circulation.

What Food is good, and what food Damages us

If I made ​​a parallel that should and should not eat, the list would look roughly like this:


  • Products that are good for protecting the heart:
  1. Seafood
  2. Fruits
  3. Vegetables
  4. Banded fruit
  5. Legumes
  6. Onions and garlic
  7. Olive oil and
  8. Products rich in vitamins C, E and beta carotene
  • Products That Will Damage Your Arteries and Heart:
  1. Meat
  2. Dairy products (especially those with a high percentage of saturated fat)
  3. Too much alcohol and too much coffee

All those who have high cholesterol or disturbed balance of lipids in the blood should seriously begin to pay attention to nutrition. In their diet should especially be included oats, apples, carrotsavocados, almonds and walnuts in fresh variant, cereals, and fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. Interestingly, the new research being made in the U.S. shows avocado is rich in these fats found in almonds and olive oil. It shows that for a short period of time monounsaturated fats lower cholesterol and protect the heart spectacular. We need to enter at least two apples a day for a healthy heart but 500 grams of fresh strawberry are also good for your heart.

Do not forget that regular walking, fitness, swimming and moderate physical activity, supported by a healthy and proper diet, will protect your heart and allow longevity.


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