Why You Should Not Throw Away Corn Silk

Corn silk contains numerous nutrients that are of extreme importance for human’s overall health. However, most of us throw it without knowing for its healing hidden power.

Here are what health benefits you can gain from corn silk:

It helps when it comes to dealing with blood cloths

Corn silk contains vitamin K, which helps overcoming the problem with blood coagulation. This vitamin will help you not to lose too much blood in case of experiencing some wound followed by bleeding.

Prevents kidney stones occurrence

Kidney stones occur due to deposited little crystals in the kidneys. Corn silk will improve the urine flow, thus will prevent occurrence of deposits of crystals, which will prevent kidney stones occurrence.

It controls cholesterol levels

High level of bad cholesterol in the blood is linked to numerous diseases and health conditions of the heart. In order to protect yourselves from a variety of complications linked to the health of the heart, and control and regulate the level of cholesterol, you should consume corn silk.

It regulates levels of sugar in the blood

Numerous researches have shown that corn silk possesses the ability to control and regulate the levels of sugar in the blood. It helps in increasing the level of insulin in the blood. It can also help when it comes to regeneration of cells in the pancreas, where insulin is produced.