Why You Should Eat Potatoes?


According to some researchers, due to aggressive heat treatment, which destroys all healthy ingredients in food, fried and baked potatoes are not healthy foods.

The fact that potatoes are high in calories is true, but this is not a good reason to stop consuming them.

Potatoes are neither unhealthy nor harmful. If you cook and bake potatoes with their crust, they will retain all of their value, which is apparently forgotten by some people. Potatoes contain many healthy ingredients. For example, because of its high amount of phenolic compounds, potatoes can easily compete with broccoli, another vegetable rich in phenolic compounds.

Also, potatoes contain flavonoids which are credited for heart and blood vessel health. Potatoes can protect the body from cancer, and lung diseases. This vegetable is rich in vitamin C, which protects against various diseases, and is an excellent source of vitamin B6 and fiber.

Potatoes can be prepared in many different ways, but try to avoid eating them fried because this can be harmful to your health.


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