Why You Need To Drink 2 Glasses Of Water On An Empty Stomach!


Slow metabolism often mean rapid accumulation of fatty deposits and unwanted excess body weight.

How to accelerate and encourage the metabolism? However, metabolism is not the only thing credited for spending calories, it is a complex mechanism that involves many chemical reactions that take place inside the cells and release energy for vital functions.

Drink half a liter of water on an empty stomach

A certain study, done by a group of German experts, found that if you drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach you will speed up your metabolism by about 30% within the next hour. It will burn a few more calories during the day, and if you continue to drink enough water, it will have a good impact on overall health.

Do not skip breakfast

If you thought that skipping breakfast will help you reduce a few calories, you are very wrong. A survey of Harvard has shown that if you skip breakfast even one time, you will only increase the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 20%.

Breakfast rich in proteins and fiber

Breakfast high in protein and fiber is very important because it will prevent increased levels of insulin, which is the cause for nourishing the fat in the body. You should avoid refined carbohydrates, white flour and sugary drinks, including fruit juices. Purchase foods rich protein and fiber. This will keep blood sugar stable and will make you feel full longer.

Morning physical exercise

One study has shown that 45 minutes of cardio exercise accelerates the consumption of calories in the next 14 hours. After such training you will have more energy, thus will spend more calories, and regular physical exercise will stabilize and insulin sensitivity.