Why Was This Article Hidden From The Public? Scientists Found Seeds That Can Cure Cancer!


We are constantly told by the conventional medical world that there is no known complete cure for cancer, that your chances of successfully curing cancer and preventing a recurrence is 50-50.

Well it is now a known fact that in the not so “conventional” world of medical science, cancer cures are a real and tried possibility.

It is no surprise that this knowledge is hidden from the public as large pharmaceutical companies while keeping the secrets safely locked up inform the public through variously media outlets that there is no such cure and that anyone suggesting such should be viewed as a charlatan or quack.

It is no secret that cancer is one of the most deadly ailments in the world today and that millions of lives are lost each year to this disease.

Millions of dollars are also spent in research into a possible cure for the disease by independent and pharmaceutical corporations funded researchers yet there seems to be no cure in sight.

However, not everyone in the conventional medical circle is convinced and there has been several independent research into the use of alternative medicine in combating several forms of cancer.

A research conducted by Kentucky University is just one of many studies carried out that produced positive outcomes in the cure of cancer.

Their research revealed that grape seeds is effective in destroying about 80% of cancer cells.

That’s right! Something as seemingly insignificant as grape seeds provides a possible cure for cancer.

The study was published in the American Association for Cancer Research’s journal and it is therefore open to the general public, thank heavens for that!

It is important that more information on alternative cures to cancer be made available by “competent” sources as a way of ending the erroneous belief that nature cannot provide the cure for cancer that we so desperately seek to find.

Source/Reference: healthandbeautylifestyle.com | beautyandappereance.com