Why the Mediterranean Diet is Great?

Mediterranean diet can significantly affect the performance and power of the brain, so, individuals who preferred Mediterranean diet for at least six years have a healthier lifestyle. This type of diet affects them positively and is especially good for women and prolongs their life.

See why is it good to start the Mediterranean diet…


Recent studies of Spanish scientists have shown that a Mediterranean diet can significantly improve and maintain brain functions.

Mediterranean diet involves limited consumption of meat, lots of fruits and vegetables, olive oil, seafood, fish and wine in small quantities. Food is often cooked and less fried, which has a huge role in the fight against weight.

Parkinson’s disease
Scientists at the University of Tokyo found that Mediterranean type of diet may protect against the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease. It is assumed that this is due to the beneficial effects of the ingredients that this diet is made of.

With a lot of research it has proven that foods in Mediterranean food have soothing effect on the skin and reduce the occurrence of wrinkles.

Consuming large amounts of olive oil, fruits and fish block certain genes that cause inflammation or those that can lead to various diseases.

It is thought that because herbal oils that are rich in healthy diet, Mediterranean diet helps women to get pregnant.

This diet successfully overcomes depression -- and as much as 30 percent. This type of diet even prevents or protects against the occurrence of depression.

Conducted extensive research in several countries has shown that foods that are part of the Mediterranean type of diet reduce the chances of getting cancer of various types. These foods include spices, olives, tomatoes and fish.


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