Why Scallion Is So Good For Health


Scallion is irreplaceable in many dishes and is quite tasty and most importantly, it is great for the health of the body. Its consistence of water is 90%, which means that there are little carbohydrates, so you can freely eat it as much as you want.

Also, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Scallion contains large amounts of vitamin E, vitamin A, B vitamins and pro-vitamin A. If you eat it cooked, you will enter more fiber, which is very important in the digestion process.

Scallion helps with problems in blood sugar levels, thanks to his Hypoglycemia action, is also excellent for heart health because it protects the blockage of blood vessels and the occurrence of thrombosis.

You can grow scallion at home. It is the fastest grower of all of the other related vegetables. You can even plant it on the balcony. It only needs sunlight and moisture.


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