Why Is Lemon Juice The Best Thing For Your Organism?


Lemon possesses an abundance of vitamin C. However, that is not the only treasure it possesses. This fruit can replace part of the fat found in many foods because it gives excellent taste and reduces the calorific value.

For example:

If you spice one serving of salad with twice as less oil, and add a little bit more lemon juice, you will save even 45 calories.

Lemon itself it especially low in calories – 1 tablespoon of lemon juice contains only 1 calorie!

Drink lemonade in the morning, before breakfast, in order to accelerate your metabolism. The lemonade will also prevent calories to get “stuck” at critical places. Not only lemon helps in the process of weight loss, but it is also credited in the fight against health problems.

In addition, read lemon’s health benefits:

1. Losing excess pounds

Lemon juice stimulates the release of excess weight and influences preventive when it comes to dealing with deposition of fat. For visible results, drink lemonade in the morning before breakfast. This will speed up your metabolism.

2. Skin spots

Lemon juice is excellent for dry skin and removing stains. It also hydrates the skin and removes dead cells.

Apply a little bit of lemon onto the area where you have spots and stay in the sun a few minutes. Repeat this procedure several times during the day.

3. Cough

Lemon is the best natural remedy when it comes to dealing with flu and colds. It stimulates the body to throw out unnecessary secretion which occurs in the case of cold.  By using lemon, you will quickly get rid of seasonal viruses.