Which Fruits and Vegetables Have the Lowest Pesticide?

Which Fruits and Vegetables Have the Lowest Pesticide?We hear that pollution is growing everywhere in the world as “we speak”. Increasingly we hear about the harmful and polluted fruits and vegetables that somehow find their way through supermarkets and on our tables. Therefore, The Environmental Working Group has created a so-called “Clean 15 list” or list of 15 healthy fruits and vegetables in which are not found any pesticides. They aim to inform the global population about contamination of fruits and vegetables and their harmfulness to human health.

Less than 11 percent of the pineapple itself has pesticides, while 78 percent mango, kiwi and 75 percent and 61 percent cantaloupe itself no traces of pesticides. The list is made after analysis of 28,000 samples of fruits and vegetables.

-- When consumers have a choice, most of them are choosing food from organic origin or buying food that is said to be healthy. Sonya Lunder of EWG, is adding that people, when shopping, wants to inquire about the origin of what they buy.

Which Fruits and Vegetables Have the Lowest Pesticide?This year’s list of the 15 least polluted foods does not have much difference from the last one. On this year’s list, you can find vetted and healthy foods that you can enjoy eating without fear of pesticides. Here is the list:


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