When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This is What You NEED to Say Back

Dr. Ben Johnson: I authored The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom1, a book for women, we the medical society is responsible for giving breast cancer to them by asking them to get mammograms. There should be no doubt that breast cancer is caused by mammograms and they are not at all healthy for them. There should be no routine mammograms and this should be clear to everyone. This peer review literature has it in it.

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Despite this, if a lady visited her family doctor or gynaecologist today, she will be forced to go and get mammogram which is in fact a cause of breast cancer. The fact is – it’s not helping in saving lives. If you are going to get it, there’s 4% enhanced risk that you will die.

Ty Bollinger: You mean this method of detection, which we is our main method for detecting breast cancer, is doing nothing but causing us breast cancer.

Dr. Ben Johnson: There should be no doubt about it. It’s a horrible test. It involves smashing the breasts, followed by irradiation using radiation that causes cancer. It’s all so insensitive. If you are not yet 50, it is not more than 52 percent effective or sensitive. That’s more than half. Isn’t it?

Ty Bollinger: Yes.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So half of the women suffering from breast cancer will not be detected of it. Isn’t it such a horrible test? The fact is that there are other tests which are so more effective. Despite that, this test is being pushed down women’s throats.

Ty Bollinger: So it detects only in 50 percent cases and causes cancer. So what are the other options which are better in the detection of breast cancer?

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Dr. Ben Johnson: I can tell you of at least 2 options which better. If you notice a lump. If you feel that there’s something go get an ultrasound. It will test anatomy. Mammograms also test your anatomy. MRIs and ultrasounds are also tests of anatomy. So if you think there’s a lump, have your anatomy tested.

Ultrasound is capable of seeing a lump. It can view the consistency and the location of the calcium. It can also see blood flow, as tumors involve enhanced blood flow. Thus, ultrasound has a very high sensitivity at 80 percent. This is far better than that of mammograms.

When it comes to prevention, when you are thinking of screening, thermography is the sole device that can help you. it is an infrared thermal camera. It doesn’t have anything that will touch your body or smash your breasts. Then there’s no need to deal with radiation that could cause cancer.

Even when we are sitting here we are releasing heat within the spectrum known as infrared. The spectrum has ultraviolet, visual and infrared. The infrared spectrum is something that we can’t see. But this camera can detect it. It was in fact developed by the military to see anyone sneaking around in the dark. it was also used for shooting down missiles and other things which produced heat.

Ty Bollinger: I got it, night vision goggles is a great example too.

Dr. Ben Johnson: You got it. Night vision goggles are nothing else but infrared goggles. It is also used in medical application for detecting hotspots in breasts.

This is how it can help in early detection and saving lives. The cancer cells came before the tumor was here. In fact, the cancer cells began growing 8-10 years before the tumor came. First there were 2 cells then 4 and then they kept growing into the millions. It can take around 8 years for a tumor 1 cm in size to form and the mammogram or ultrasound to be able to detect it.

You see how late that is. That tumor of 1 cm has around a billion cells in it.

By the time you had 1 billion cancer cells, they have already spread through the lymphatic and venous system, and cancer cells are being shredded through your body. This is why I am telling you that mammograms are not life savers. They don’t help with early detection. It is a big lie that is being spread out. It is early detection we need to save lives. You should get your mammogram today.

Ty Bollinger: Yes.

Dr. Ben Johnson: There’s’ no doubt that early detection will help in saving lives. This statement is entirely true. But the fact is that mammography is not going to help you with early detection. It’s too-late detection. Plus it gives you the worst in the form of radiation that causes cancer. So the fact is that mammograms are causing more breast cancers than they help through detection.

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