When Is The Right Time To Drink Cold Or Room Temperature Water?


Drinking water is very important for our body. When our body is hydrated, it functions very properly. Dehydrated people get fatigued faster, since they do not have enough water in their body to reduce the level of hormones that are necessary in order to build muscle tissue. By often sipping water, you will be able to eat less because the stomach will be sort of full.

It is necessary to drink enough water, but also important is the temperature of the water we are about to consume.

Drinking cold water is great for quick hydration of your body. But if you want to be hydrated for a longer period of time it is recommendable to drink room temperature water. It will also help for weight loss.

If you drink a glass of cold water you will be able to burn more calories than by drinking a glass of room temperature water. The difference in combustion calories is not very big. Cold and room temperature water are equally hydrating, but drinking cold water is tasty and refreshing.

If you drink a glass of warm water before meal, it will give you the feeling of satiety much faster, so you enter less food. In fact, when you feel hungry, drinking a glass of water will delay hunger. Consuming more water is very good habit. Drinking two glasses of water before meals will improve the process of losing excess weight.


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