What You Must Not Do After Breakfast

Numerous researches have shown that there are several things you must not do after you had your breakfast. By avoiding these things you will also avoid numerous health problems.

  1. Do not smoke

Every smoker should avoid smoking right after they are done eating their breakfast. Experts have shown that one cigarette after breakfast is equal to 10 smoked cigarettes in any other period of the day.

  1. Do not sleep

If you go to sleep right after you have had breakfast you might have problems with your stomach and you will also increase the risk of getting intestines infection.

  1. Do not drink tea

Do not drink tea after breakfast because you will only slow the digestion process. This is because tea firms proteins entered during the meal.

  1. Do not take a bath

You should not immediately take a shower shortly after eating because this way you strengthen blood flow in the arms and legs and relieve the amount of blood around the stomach. In other words – you weaken the digestive process in the stomach, therefore, slow down digestion.

  1. Do not eat fruit

If you eat fruit after consumption of other foods, your stomach will be filled with air and you will feel bloated. If you have a craving for fruit, eat it one or two hours after the meal.


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