What Would Happen If You Put Every Night Cotton On Your Feet? You Will Be Amazed By The Effects!

You are tired of the painful and unattractive feet? The fat skin is not exactly pretty sight for the summer shoes. Fortunately there are simple homemade ticks that will help you to have nourished and soft skin on your feet. The cracked skin of the feet, though it does not look good also, it is not healthy. If you do not take good care of it, it can come to eczema, diabetes, callus and even can disturb the work of the thyroid gland. So, remember these instructions because after them, life will be much easier!


Crumble 10 aspirin tablets or Ando into fine powder and mix them with 70% alcohol and leave it for 2 days. After soak the prepared liquid into cotton wool and place it on the fat skin on your feet. Wrap it with foil and fix it well. This procedure should be repeated for 10 days and then remove the wool and wash your feet. After a while you will notice big difference, your feet will become soft, groomed and ready for your favorite sandals.


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