What Will Happen To Your Organism If You Stop Drinking Milk?


Sometimes, milk, yogurt or cheese were inevitable on the table of the necessary ingredients in every dish but in the recent years we often hear and read that the milk and all the dairy products are harmful and should be omitted from our diet.

In fact, some nutritionists and scientists say that milk is not required by the human body and to stomach digests it very hardly. That causes many problems that people are not aware of.

Here is what happens if you stop consuming milk and dairy products:

To improve digestion – About 65% of the world population has problem with digesting milk in the organism. There is large probability that you fall in this group and not to be even aware of this. The intolerance of the lactose causes bloating, diarrhea or stomach cramps.

Forget facial blemishes – Studies reveal that milk stimulates acne because it contains growth hormones and anabolic steroids. Many studies are made for the impact of the milk on acne and they show that is one of the products with a high glycemic index that influences the increase of sugar in the blood. This food quickly and honestly penetrates in the blood and stimulates hormones to cause sebum secretion which causes blemishes and acne on the face.

The risk of diabetes is reduced -- Studies have found an association between milk and diabetes. The yogurt especially increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2.

Reducing the risk of getting cancer – The risk of ovarian cancer can be reduced if you stop drinking milk. One study discovers that women who consumed 3 or more glasses of milk weekly have more chances in getting ovary cancer. One study provided in the Harvard University on men, discovers that the milk and the calcium effect on the colon cancer. People who enter more than 600mg calcium daily from dairy products increase the risk of getting cancer for about 34%.

You will have weak bones – We often hear that milk is necessary and useful for our bones but studies actually prove that milk cannot stop the breaking of bones in adults. This study was conducted on 78,000 woman and they do not found any evidence that proves that the large intake of calcium may prevent hip fractures and bows. Calcium can be entered in the body through other products in the body such as beans so milk is not needed.


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