What Will Happen To Your Organism If You Blow Into Your Thumb?

As problems can sometimes manage to occur overnight, we can make them go away in the completely same way.

There are some tricks that can do perfect control of the organism, and are too confusing. In addition, we will present several of them:

Prevent scars caused by burns

Usually, when we burn ourselves, we reach for ice. Next time you should not do that. All you have to do is apply gentle pressure with your finger onto the affected area. This way the temperature in this part of the body will slowly return to the normal body temperature, which is as close to the most natural way to return the temperature.

Get rid of the fear of injections

Many people are death-scared of taking an injection. In case you are one of them, next time before the actual act, remember to cough a little. This way you will distract your attention from the injection and the pain that comes with it.

Soothing of pain and unpleasantness in the throat

Warm soup and warm tea will surely useful in this kind of situation, but, there is another simple, yet not so known, way through which you can get rid of unpleasantness in the throat. It is necessary to scratch your eat. Otolaryngologists claim that by scratch your ear you will be able to stimulate ear’s edges, thus creating muscle spasms in the throat.

Soothe the toothache

In case you have a toothache, put a bag of ice into your palm and press it using your thumb and index finger. This is the area of the body where nerve endings pass through from the arm to the face. These nerve endings send certain signal into the brain thus the pain is soothed.

Eliminate nervousness

In order to eliminate nervousness all you have to do is blow into your thumb. This exact finger is responsible for the so-called vagus nerve, which is literally the connection between the body and the mind.

Try these tricks and see for yourselves!