What Will Happen If You Put Grated Potato In Your Sock?

Each of us, had fever heat. The body on this way fights with some kind of infection during flu or cold. The temperature to 38 degrees is considered as a natural defense of the body but, each higher temperature is dangerous and should be overlooked. The higher body temperature indicates that the disease is dangerous and should be reduced because it can cause brain damage or meningitis.


Put grated potatoes into your socks

Wash few potatoes and together with its peel, grate them. Apply it to the soles of your feet and put the socks on. The potato will derive your temperature and improve your health. For quickly reducing of your temperature, you need to drink liquids in larger quantities for preventing dehydration. For cases like this, it is best to consume freshly prepared juices which are rich in natural vitamin C and is essential for the immune system.


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