What Will Happen If You Dispose The Meat And The Meat Products From Your Diet?

In one research conducted by the University of New Your, USA participated over 50 test subjects in experiment to determine what happens to the human body after you discard meat and meat products of your daily diet. The results show positive and negative effects and to nearly all the subjects and these were the five most characteristic changes in the body.

  1. You will lose weight – The participants in the study who throw out meat from their diet were able to lose weight to 5kg without changing their habits and routines and counting their calories.
  2. Changes in the intestinal mircoflora – The vegetarians have several types of intestinal bacteria that are fighting the infections and inflammations but there is big difference between their microflora and the microflora of the carnivores.
  3. You can reduce the risk of cancer – Last year the World Health Organization announced that the bacon and the sausages contain almost the same number of harmful substances as the one found in the cigarettes. According to researches that does not mean that with the consumption of these products the risk of cancer is increased. However the red meat should not be consumed in large amounts because it could cause serious health problems in the intestines and abdomen.
  4. Reduce the level of heart disease – The excessive intake of fat causes different heart diseases. In this scientific researches is isolated the carnitine, substance found in the red meat who is encouraging the reactions in the body who stimulate the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Several important nutrients could be lost – with the disposal of meat from your diet you will decrease the iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and also many proteins. But all of the daily needs from these substances can be replaced with an appropriate alternative like the nuts, legumes, eggs, spinach combined with lemon and etc.


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