What Happens With Your Brain When You Are Not Sleeping In Your Bed?


Sometimes, in some cases it happens that you need to spend the night outside your home and automatically to not sleep in your bed. And of course you did not sleep well during the night. Do not worry, this is normal.

That does not mean that you are not adjustable, behind this lis a scientific explanation which was published in a recent study in Current Biology.

The study found out that every time when you sleep on unknown or half- familiar place, part of your brain manages to fall into deep sleep while the other half is constantly prepared for possible action.

Scientists discover that this attribute is left in us since the dawn of humanity and in the past it served as defense against possible threats during the night.

This half- sleeping happens also during moving and sleeping in the new apartment because you have not yet accustomed to the new space.

But, this attribute that kept us in the past from danger, today has no benefit. We live in safer world, and the reason that we sleep elsewhere, in unknown space is not always negative.