What Happens To Your Body After Just One Time Exercising?

When you start exercising, at the beginning, the first few days every part of your body is going to hurt you, but even after the first not so intense exercise, your body will start changing for the better and therefore stick to the exercising.

1. Stress fades away

A recent survey that was conducted in the US found that only 14% of people are exercising just to reduce stress. Even if exercise means stress to you, it will reduce negativity because it encourages better blood circulation in the brain and enhances the development of endorphin.

2. You can prevent diabetes

In a 2007 study it was states that one training course reduces the deposition of fat in muscle, which actually improves insulin sensitivity. Low insulin sensitivity can lead to diabetes.

3. Your DNA might change

In a study conducted in 2012, Swedish researchers found that in healthy but inactive adults who exercise only a few minutes modification of the genetic material of their muscle cells can occur. DNA is inherited from parents, but lifestyle factors such as exercise may play a huge role in altering certain genes.

4. You will have better focus

When you start exercising, blood in the brain improves the brain cells’ function, making you more focused when you finish your workout.

5. You will have better mood

When you start exercising, your brain starts to release various neurotransmitters (endorphins and serotonin) that improve mood and rid of depression.