What Happens To Your Body After Eating Organic Food For Only Two Weeks?

Rare are those who try avoiding eating foods containing pesticides.

A Swedish family was put to an experiment. They always bought and fed with inorganic groceries because they were cheaper. Then they tested the urine. The level of chemicals found in their urine was too high.

They replace inorganic with organic food and ate it for two weeks. Urine testing revealed that levels of chemicals in their urine significantly reduced.

The tests were conducted by the Swedish Institute for Environmental Research. It is not disputed that pesticides found in urine were harmful, but the eternal silence for inorganic foods nurtured in the public is not healthy at all.

In fact, a Swedish chain for organic food commerce tends to encourage discussion on the impact of pesticides and various chemicals, with which vegetables and fruits are treated, and also animals, which eventually end up in our bodies.