Regular Lemonade Helps Relieve Arthritis, Kidney Stones, and More


Regular lemonade can help to strengthen the immune system, fight against colds and flu, and fight against certain chronic diseases.

Lemonade contains an abundance of vitamin C, pectin, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, calcium, and vitamin А, B1, and B6. This is why lemon is considered to be one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.

By regularly drinking homemade lemonade you will be able to successfully deal with the following health conditions and diseases:

  1. Arthritis

Uric acid, which is in most tissues and joints, crystallizes in more than 90% of cases as sodium urate, which causes arthritis. Lemon juice can be helpful when it comes to reducing the pain, inflammation, and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Drink the juice of half a lemon before breakfast. Also, drink a glass of water and lemon juice mixture before lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

  1. Kidney stones

Kidney stones form due to too many salts in the urine and not enough other substances, like citrates. Lemon juice consists of citric acid, which is great tool when it comes to filtrating the kidneys.

Drink half a cup of lemon juice diluted with seven cups of water. Sweeten this mixture with honey. Consume this mixture on a daily basis. To help combat kidney stones you should also reduce salt intake, drink more liquids, and eat less meat and fish.

  1. Throat pain

Lemon juice has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also strengthens the immune system. So, whenever you feel throat pains, drink homemade lemonade. Squeeze one lemon and mix the resulting juice with lukewarm water. Rinse your throat with this mixture several times a day.

  1. Irritated stomach

If you are bothered by bloating and stomach acid, soothe these symptoms with lemon juice. Mix the juice of half a lemon with half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Drink this mixture and your problems will be gone in minutes.

  1. Constipation

Constipation can be caused by a lack of liquids, too much dairy products, stress on the immune system, and many more reasons. Make a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey, and a glass of lukewarm water. Drink the resulting mixture. Consume this remedy on a daily basis in order to get rid of constipation.

In case you think lemonade damages your teeth’s enamel, here’s a trick to help protect it. After drinking a lemon-based beverage, rinse your mouth with water. Wash your teeth half an hour after you have drunk the lemon-based beverage. This helps keep tooth enamel safe and strong.



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