What Can Changes In Feet Reveal?

Did you know that feet, as well as the face, are the best mirror for your health condition? The first signs of some diseases may occur exactly on the feet, so you need to pay greater attention and give your feet better care.

If you have any kind of change on the feet it is most likely a sign indicating something is happening in the body. In today’s article we will single out the most important changes you need to recognize.

1.Toes hair loss

The loss of hair in the toes usually indicates problems with circulation.

2.Swelling, pain and redness of toes

It may be a result due to gout, arthritis or infection, while yellow or double nails indicate of an outbreak of fungal infection.

3.Changes in the shape of the toes

If nails become curved and toes change their shape, it is best to check the lungs and heart. Such sudden changes indicate a reduced supply of oxygen in the blood, and despite problems with breathing and heart these changes may also be symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

4.Wounds that heal slowly

If you notice that your wounds heal very slowly, you are probably suffering from diabetes. However, doctors say it can also be a sign of melanoma, so examination by a dermatologist is recommended.

5.Cold feet, hair loss, vertigo

Hypothireosis, also known as lazy thyroid gland, is the most common cause of cold feet, which can cause hair loss, dizziness, sharp obesity and depression.

6.Cramps in the feet

Cramps in the feet are associated with nerve problems, and may also be a sign of dehydration and malnutrition. Exercise, intake of more liquids and foods that are rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium are highly recommended.

7.Cold feet

Chronically cold feet can be a result of poor circulation in the extremities due to lack of blood in thereof. This problem further reinforces the high blood pressure, irregular function of the thyroid gland, heart disease and smoking, which reduces the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen. This is why those who have a problem with cold feet need to visit the doctor in order to exclude suspicions of some serious diseases.