What Are The Consequences Of Watching This Much Television? What Happens If You Watch More Than One Hour


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Children love to watch television, actually they love watching cartoons. Sometimes they forget to move out the couch and do something other instead.

What are the consequences of watching this much television? What happens if you watch more than one hour? Dr. Firdevs Gunes has the right answers for you.

Dr. Firdevs Gunes is dean at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Bartin in northern Turkey. She says that many parents allow their children to watch cartoons for several hours daily because they complete their obligations and children are occupied enough to not bother them. After sitting in front of the television for a while the dean says the children slowly become aggressive, they behavior drastically changes, have signs of sleep disorder and their attention is being often distracted.

One of the programs they watch, adversely effects on their physical and psychological development and also leaves marks in the communication skills. The cartoons indeed have positive impact on child’s development but if the limit is reached the counter effect takes place instead.

She also says that it is better to encourage them to read a book, look at the pictures in the books or eventually parents need to sit and start playing with them. This kind of activities improve child’s development on high level.

Watching television should be parental advised program or you can eventually sit and watch with them. Some studies declare that if one child who is younger than 3 years and already watches television will have difficulties in the development of speech because in that age they can’t follow the course of events and they are focused on color, light and change of voice. They imitate what they see, so they wish they can fly, beat someone as their heroes.

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Children younger than 6 years should not watch television more than hour or 2.

According to Dr. Gunes you as a parent have to have 3 rules in the house.

  • No TV in the children room.
  • Children attending primary school not to be allowed to watch TV more than 4 hours weekly
  • Children younger than 5 should not watch TV

She also tells to all the parent around the world to spend more time with their children and encourage them creatively, play with them and let them make their own decisions.

“Teach them how to think critically” – she says.

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