Fasten A Bra. Back Of The Girl And Her Hand Unbuttoning A Bra

Wear Your Bra Less Often! Here Are The Reasons For That…

The experts advise the women worldwide to stop using bra too much often or to stop using it forever. The feeling that women get after taking off their bra is excellent and there are specific medical causes why it is good to wear it lesser. One of the reasons is that the bra does big pressure on the small lymph vessel in the chest and around it can appear and gather toxic liquid that would otherwise pass and exit through the body. The pressure disturbs to the other blood vessels and disables the normal flow of oxygen and nutrients so, all of this is not good for your health.            Experts say that the gathered toxins inside the breast can be linked and form cyst. According to experts this can increase the appearance of breast cancer. The Experts also say that they revealed how the women in poor countries who don’t wear bras have minimal diseased people of breast cancer. It is also noted that the women who wear same size of bra and just before menstruation when their breast are bigger this is happening because of the hormone estrogen. Because of wearing bra, in that period, the pressure on the lymph nodes is more intensive so that I why you should consider wearing larger number.

The women are advised to take off more often their bra, to not wear it home, at night in bed and etc. For best results they should not wear it at all but, many women cannot permit that luxury because their manner of life forbids them. After taking off your bra, start massaging your breasts in order to improve the flow of liquids inside. The massage should be gentle: with your fingers massage the part around the nipples and continue to the ends.


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