We Consume Each Day, And In Them Discovered A Chemical That Causes Cancer !

we-consume-each-day-and-in-them-discovered-a-chemical-that-causes-cancer (2)

Shocking information that made a large percentage of the population upset!

It is a chemical called acrylamide that can be found in chips, coffee, French fries, crackers and even in some foods for babies. This dangerous compound is produced during thermal heating when foods are fried. Children are the most exposed to acrylamide. The danger of this chemical was confirmed by EFSA (Europian Food Safety Authority).


In order to remove quantities of acrylamide, food producers in the UK needed to change the way food processing.


Why is this chemical so dangerous?

  • This compound, called acrylamide, when fed orally, it goes in the gastrointestinal tract and is distributed to all vital organs. Thus a glucosamine causing genetic mutations and tumors that we see in laboratory animals. -- Said Dr. Diana Bedford which is the head of the Committee of EFSA dealing with Exploration of acrylamide.


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