Watch as GcMAF Treatment Kills Cancer Cells in Real Time. Holistic Doctors ‘Suicided’ over This Stunning Breakthrough

There is one substance which when is activated the immune system can be invigorated to destroy cancer cells without chemotherapy.

In one video that was posed on YouTube which lasted about 2 minutes the power of GcMAF was revealed. This is actually one kind of protein that the body makes it naturally but following the fact that some people sometimes can’t produce it enough, there was delivered an activated version of it.

GcMAF actually is one big mechanism which is focused mostly on the elimination of the cancer cells or as you can notice in the video on the breast cancer cells. This substance empowers your body to cure it by itself. Some discoveries declare that if one healthy person owns GcMAF its proven 11 actions are amazing. Two are working on cells, three on the brain and the remained 6 on cancer. The amazing clarity of this substance was shown as time photography over 60 hours on the cancer monolayer. The cancer was destroyed by the macrophages rapidly.

Holistic Doctor’s suicide over GcMAF?

If the cancer industry is ever threatened soon to be out of the business can you imagine the side effect of it, or the big casualties for prevention of it? 

The GcMAF was the primary focus for research and was conducted by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. I say was because he was found dead in a river with a gunshot through his chest. This case was ruled as a suicide in June. This case of “suicide” as they said was just one of many. Seven others who beside the fact were part of the holistic community, they were also involved in the research of GcMAF treatment for healing cancer.

To set the record straight I must say that GcMAF does not cure cancer. Actually it just gives ammunition to the body to give power to the immune system enough needed to eradicate and cure cancer by itself on a total natural way.

The pharmaceutical industry is profiting large amounts from the chemo and radiation therapies so this GcMAF natural solution is big threat.

“The therapy is indicated in treatment of any diseases where the immune system is compromised” – says one website from Japan. Besides cancer these are the following appropriate conditions for this treatment:

Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, EBV, HBV, HSV, Cystitis, Multiple sclerosis, Hepatitis C, Endometriosis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Lyme disease, IgA deficiency disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Tuberculosis, Fibromyalgia, HPV, Lupus, HIV AIDS, Norovirus, Malaria Influenza Virus, HSV, Psoriasis, Chicken pox, Respiratory tract infections, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Type 1 diabetes, Type 1.5 diabetes.

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