Vitamin B17 - Alternative Cancer Treatment (2)

Vitamin B17 – Alternative Cancer Treatment

Vitamin B17 is a natural substance that is found in many groceries. This vitamin is known as amygdalin or letril. It was discovered in 1830 in a bitter almond and for the first time (in early 1950), it was promoted as amigdalina cure for cancer. However, market penetration and promotion of this vitamin have been very difficult. U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) soon initiated a campaign against this vitamin because it was considered as harmful because its formula contains cyanide. Also, FDA has made purchase of this vitamin impossible, although it was natural and harmless substance. In order to apply this vitamin, doctors and their patients have to register with the FDA. Otherwise they will be using this medicine illegally. In all this, we also need to mention that the food that we use in daily diet also contains many natural toxins and are healthy thanks to the fact that they are in such small quantities they do not harm our body.

As a source of vitamin B17 you can use seeds of apples, blackberries, bitter almonds, cashew nut, brazil nuts, cherries, currant, pear, plum, and in smaller amounts found in strawberries, raspberries, quince, red beans, barley, millet, and etc… However, the most abundant vitamin is in apricot seeds.


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