VIDEO: I Can’t Believe I Never Thought To Cut A Watermelon Like THIS. This Is So Smart…

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier and more effective way of cutting your melon?

Like most people I tend to cut my watermelon the traditional way and this has led to a lot of wastage over the years until now!

This method of cutting your watermelon will..

  • Give you more of the fruit to eat
  • Give you simple easy to eat chunks
  • Stop wastage and prevent messy chopping surface and kitchen.

How Is It Done?

  • First, cut your watermelon.
  • Next, slice through the rind and do this all the way round the central part of the fruit.
  • By so doing the fruit will be cut in half.
  • Then you have to flip the melon so that the two halves are on their ends.
  • Take off the peel.
  • Next, you need to chop off the top end and clean out the white rind.
  • Chop the watermelon into simple slices, you should turn your chopping board at a 90 degree angle and then chop once more counter clockwise.
  • Get a bowl that can conveniently fit the top of your watermelon.
  • Get hold of your chopping board and then flip it over.
  • What you have will be a bowl full of perfectly chopped up watermelon.

This method is truly simple, neat, convenient and hygienic. Try it out today and enjoy your watermelons as you do!