Verified Recipe For Porridge Which Dissolves Your Blood Clots!

Varicose veins are improper blistered veins that have changed the structure of the wall while on the surface of the skin can be spotted as bumps and bulges in blue or purple color. This diseases is one of the most spread among human kind. From venous disease suffer about 50% of adults from which 10-30% are treated. Mostly people from 20 to 40 age can be diagnosed with it, period of time in which living and working abilities can be seen the most. According to this data, during this time of your life you should be very careful.

There are two main groups of varicose veins: superficial and depth. But this condition also knows and can be painful and grow into early ulceration of veins.

Superficial varicose veins are located below the skin and are easily visible, often as nodes while the depth varicose veins are not visible and can be found between the bones and muscles. Commonly they occur on the legs in the area of the lower legs but can be spotted on other places of the body.    

If this problem is ignored and not treated on time, it can cause complications and can reduce employability and in worst case can cause disability.

Fortunately there is one Russian recipe which can dissolve the varicose veins. Russian doctors recommend this proven recipe for those who have problems with inflamed surface veins and to those who suffer from varicose veins.

Recipe 1:

Ingredients: 250gr garlic, 15 organic lemons with peel


Clean the garlic and the lemons well and mix the both ingredients. Make sure that you properly equalize them in one compact compound. Place them in glass jar and close it with gauze.


Take one tablespoon with glass of warm water once a day.

Keep the jar in the refrigerator, closed with gauze.


This drug is very effective and has helped too many for solving their problem with varicose veins.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel, 1/2 cup of crushed carrots, 1/2 of apple cider vinegar


Put the ingredients in blender and blend them well until the mixture becomes smooth, it should remind you of paste. If the place which is infected is larger and you want to treat it with this mixture as coating then increase the amount of ingredients.

This mixture should be applied externally in the form of coating. Place it gently on the skin and fix it good with bandage. Relax and leave it on for half an hour, later rinse it with lukewarm water. Better effect is achieved if your legs are elevated. This treatment should be done every day until you feel improvement.