Useful Advice: Add An Aspirin Into The Washing Machine!


How many times it has happened that your clothes are not completely white, as they should be, after they have just been washed? Their color has changed and instead of being perfectly white they are grayish kind of shade. The worst part is, no matter how hard you try to solve this problem, you simply fail at succeeding.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem very easy and simple: with some aspirin.

Dissolve 300 mg of aspirin in 2 liters of lukewarm water. Let the aspirin pills dissolve nicely, before you place the grayish clothes into the solution. Let the clothes soak in throughout the entire night. You can also add the aspirin pills directly into the washing machine. This way they will dissolve faster and the results will be the same as in the first example.

Aspirin will certainly help you to bring back the perfectly white color to the clothes. The best part is that you will not have the need to spend any money on products for bleaching clothes.