Ugly Discovery For The Metastases Of Cancer: Here Is The Real Reason Why It Spreads So Fast!


People know from long time ago that the tumors are created as a consequence of the mutation of cells due to its separation. But, little know why the metastasis are spreading inside the body.

Doctors for w while are doubtful about the relationship between the cancer and the chronic stress and now it is proven that the physical tension is responsible for spreading the metastases inside the body.

Scientist scrutinized the mice which were exposed to constant stress and noticed that when they are under pressure, their lymph system passes through such a physiological changes so the cancer starts spreading faster. Stress really can regarded as a reason for cancer cells to start splitting and spreading around the body.

Doctors say that they are completely aware that the patients who have cancer cannot be relaxed enough and cannot avoid stressful situations because they know that they are sick and that is actually the hugest stress they can ever experience. But they say that the approach to cancer patients is very important because the negative approach can lodge the disease.

The perpetrators of the quick spread of cancer are the hormones of stress – adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Dr. Sloan says that this realization is one key discovery of the study because now, they know that adrenaline acts on certain cell receptors and this will help in the development of new drugs that will block the spreading of cancer.

There are few studies in which there is clinical testing for women suffering from breast cancer and they consume certain dose of propranolol and other beta- blockers.

During the 7 years old tracking, in the results was shown that the patients who took propanol had very small percentage of metastases that were spread by the lymph system.

If this study is successful into the clinical authentic practice the hope for successfully treat will be increased.


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