Flax Seeds and Cup of Flax Seed Oil

Two Tested Recipes For Treating Tumor!

Treating cancer with alternative methods and natural remedies can be very successful, but only if you are brave enough not to accept the methods of modern medicine with radiation and chemotherapy which destroy the human body.

1. One lady, who had cancer of the endocrine glands and was attached on machines for about twenty days, was successfully treated without surgery and chemotherapy thanks to this recipe:

-- For this recipe you will need two bigger ginger roots that need to be peeled and put in a blender in order to be well mixed. Mix the chopped ginger with half a kilogram of natural honey. Place the resulting mixture in a jar and consume one tablespoon, 3 to 4 times a day. Use plastic, ceramic or wooden spoon. You will notice the first effects after two or three days. According to the experiences of those who have used this product, this remedy literally lift them back from the dead.

2. Another lady, who also successfully cured herself with the help of alternative medicine, used to have cervical cancer -- 20 * 20 * 24 mm. After 90 days with this treatment, the tumor began to shrink and became 18 * -18 * 22 mm. Her ability to speak, her sight and hearing were completely revived once again.

-- Put flaxseed oil, lean young cheese and minced flaxseed in a blender and mix everything well. Consume half a small cup of the resulting mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

-- Consume 2 teaspoons of hemp oil, one in the morning and one in the evening for 90 days straight. After 90 days, make a 60-day break.

-- Consume 20 bitter apricot seeds in the morning and 20 seeds in the evening.

-- Baking soda in combination with vitamin C. Make a mixture consisted of one teaspoon of vitamin C, half a tablespoon of baking soda and 1 liter of boiled water. Mix all ingredients and once the resulting mixture cools, drink it during the day.