Top 6 Foods Highest in Calcium

Top 6 Foods Highest in Calcium Calcium is a mineral that is much needed by our body. We know well that milk contains calcium in larger quantities, but not all of us want to consume milk in larger quantities. In addition read about other healthy foods that contain a lot of calcium.


Broccoli is the number one of the healthiest super foods in the world. In just one cup of cooked broccoli you can find 180 mg of calcium and many other really useful substances.


Almonds contain many vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins. Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. They have a large amount of calcium as well. In 100 grams of almonds there are 25 mg of calcium.


One orange contains 60 mg of calcium. Practically the rest of the orange is filled with vitamins.

Top 6 Foods Highest in Calcium


With 100 grams of sesame seeds you can meet 35% of the daily needs for calcium in a healthy body. Sesame seeds are very healthy for your body, so eat them.

Sunflower Seeds

On a contrary to many opinions sunflower is a very healthy food. Many healthy substances can be found in sunflower seeds. There is plenty of calcium in these seeds. In 30 grams of sunflower seeds there are around 50 mg of calcium.

Top 6 Foods Highest in Calcium

White Beans

White beans have many health benefits. These beans are an excellent source of calcium. One cup of cooked white beans contains 100 mg of calcium.


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