Top 5 Vitamins to Take Daily

Top 5 Vitamins to Take Daily

Every day we hear and read about vitamins, but many times we wondered where we can find them. To facilitate the work we’ve compiled the most important information on vitamins…

Vitamin A

This vitamin is very important for good vision, healthy skin, hair, nose and respiratory tract. It is also required for proper growth and development of bones and teeth and fastens the wound healing process. Vitamin A can be found in oranges, yellow fruits and vegetables, also in dark green leafy vegetables and milk.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is known to heal wounds, burns, bruising and broken bones. Reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis, protects you from heart pain, and is best known for the ability to prevent colds. You can find it in any fruit and/or vegetables. The best way to consume it is fresh.

Vitamin D

The main role of vitamin D is to maintain calcium balance in the body. This vitamin is great in the fight against viruses and colds. It is present in most foods of animal origin. The richest natural source of vitamin D is oily fish, such as sardines and salmon. Another good sources are egg yolk, butter and liver.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is very important for the work of the immune system, endocrine system and external glands. Prevents atherosclerosis, accelerate wound healing, protects the lung tissue, can reduce the risk of heart disease and prevents premature skin aging. It is mostly found in vegetable oils, nuts, fruits of the sea, eggs, avocado and dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin K

Is needed in small amounts, but is required for the production of key proteins that are important for blood clotting and kidneys. Vitamin K can be found in cabbage, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, peas, soybeans, potatoes, vegetable oils, fish oils, milk, cheese and algae.


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