Top 10 Reasons Because Of Which Teeth Get Yellowish

Pay attention to your oral hygiene because with change of habits you will save money on teeth whitening!


Teas have been used for coloring and tinting of fabrics thousands of years ago, which means, teas have such influence on the teeth as well. Dark teas have especially strong effect and this is why it is recommendable, after drinking the tasty and healthy tea, to wash your teeth.


There is no darker drink than coffee. This beverage’s color destroys glittering smile. Coffee contains tannin and it is very important to brush your teeth after drinking this beverage.


Red wine makes teeth yellow with its pigment. But white wine has a similar effect due to the tannin it contains.


The spice that originates from India has intensive dark yellow color and strong flavor that will enrich your body. Yet this spice’s powerful color will remain on your teeth after meals and therefore you need to wash your teeth.

Soy sauce

This addition gives food exotic flavor and unfortunately will make your teeth yellow. The reason is that supermarket bought soy sauce is not obtained by natural fermentation, but the process is accelerated by adding hydrochloric acid that damages the tooth enamel.

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a salad supplement that is made from different kinds of herbs and sugars. The popular dressing will enrich your salad, but will stain your teeth as well. All this is due to the combination of an acid and brown color.

Tomato sauce

The delicious, and favorite to many, food addition is not a friend of your bright smile. The reason lies not in the red color, but in the large amount of acid this sauce is containing.


Sweet soft drinks are full of sugars that cause cavities. These beverages also contain a large amount of acid due to which teeth may gradually turn yellow.


This healthy ingredient is packed with useful vitamins and minerals and should be a part of everyone’s daily diet. However, the strong color of beet leaves color of your teeth.


Even though our body loves berries such as raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and currants, they can and will color your teeth. This is due to their strong color.