Thyroid Gland-Healthier Help With Coconut Oil

The thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate many processes in our organism as metabolism, body temperature, nervous system and cardiovascular system. The hormones also effect on our skin and hair quality and appearance. The thyroid gland is placed on the front side of the neck, between the clavicle and the larynx. Even though she is small it is very influential and requires control.

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The thyroid gland secretes two main hormones, T4 and T3 and the problem airs when it secrets more or less of it. In both cases many body disorders are coming.

These are the sighs that show incorrect thyroid work:

Constant fatigue

  • If you sleep every night by 8-10h and after waking you feel tired maybe the gland is secreting less hormones than usual. The constant fatigue is linked to many health issues and he is often considered as consequence of the hormones that thyroid gland secrets. This is early warning that something isn’t right.


  • Hyperthyroidism is often associated with constipation and hyperthyroidism has the opposite effect and is causing frequent diarrhea.

Bad memory and concentration

  • You need to check the gland if you have a problem while working or you often forget some things. Increased secretion of hormones affect the concentration, and reduced secretion of hormones affect the reduced memory.

Weight gaining

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  • If you use healthy nutrition and you are physically active and besides it you gain a lot of weight maybe you have problem with the thyroid gland. Mood changes, anxiety and depression are also signs. All those who are struggling with hiperthyresm have increased levels of hormones that cause nervousness and anxiety. Impaired work of the thyroid gland can be manifested in increased sensitivity of hot and cold, hair loss, brittle nails and ringing in ears.

If the thyroid gland is functioning normally and the tests are good, does not mean that you should not worry about her. The best proper care that you can ever give to her is proper, healthy and low-calorized food.

The coconut oil and the thyroid gland

Coconut oil is a saturated fat made by chain of fatty acids that boost metabolism and help losing some weight. Also helps in raising the basal temperature. It is easy absorbed in body, increases the energy production and it burns fat.

The advantage of the coconut oil among other oils is that it has no expiration date. There is no hydroxide included (others are and that is very harmful for the glade).

By adding coconut oil to your diet you will improve the work of the glade. Stop adding gluten to your organism and try the Mediterranean cuisine. The Mediterranean cuisine is showing excellent results after consuming and improved cardiovascular health. Take more vitamins and minerals like iron, omega 3, iodine, B vitamin. Avoid chemicals like dioxin which can adversely affect the health of the thyroid gland. Try to avoid stressful situations because the stress also affects negatively.

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