Three Ingredients You Must Consume For Breakfast!

Chrono diet is a way of diet the whole world went insane about. It will help you to adjust the body weight, but only if you firmly obey the rules.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the chrono diet. You must not skip it because it thus you will destroy the rhythm of the diet because you will be so hungry in the evening that you will want to eat everything that comes to hand.

It is necessary to have breakfast before 8 a.m. and see how your body reacts to the chrono nutrition.

We will now present 3 ingredients that ought to be a part of your chrono breakfast.


We present an interesting yet very useful way of how you can enter bread in your body. From your height, which is expressed in centimeters, subtract 10 cm and divide that number by two and you get the number of grams of bread you need. It is small but sufficient amount which is needed for your body. Make sure the bread you eat does not contain sugar.

2.Olive oil

Drizzle some olive oil over the piece of bread you are about to eat. This will make the bread slice much tastier.


The amount of dietary cheese is similarly determined as the bread. Subtract 100 cm from your height, expressed in centimeters, and you will get the cheese weight your body needs. Maybe it will seem as it was too much, but that is the amount you will need in order to feel sated until noon or 1 p.m. when is time for lunch. The cheese contains 10 times more calcium than milk and yogurt.