This Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Paste Will Reverse Gum Disease, Swelling, And Kill Bacteria

Your oral health is important and needs to be taken care of seriously. The following article will teach you to do that. It will feel more important to you in case you feel you have a good smile and you want to protect it. It will whiten your teeth as well.

There are a lot of products available in America for oral health. People spend more than 1 billion dollars annually only on teeth whitening products. However, it is still not clear how efficient they are.

The following are the disadvantages of the teeth whitening products available in the market today:

  • Gum line recedes
  • Yellowing of teeth
  • Gum irritation
  • Toothaches
  • Teeth becomes brittle
  • Translucent teeth
  • Infections
  • Oral diseases

Some teeth whiteners show good effect temporarily. But eventually, they cause more harm than good. They should be avoided. Natural products are better to use in such cases. They are effective and do not cause any side effects.

The main ingredient you need to do this is available in every kitchen. The golden turmeric is a magic ingredient that can remove away all your oral health problems. Even though it makes your clothes yellow, you will be amazed to know that it makes your teeth whiter. It helps in curing other diseases as well.

It was initially popular only in India. Its use spread to Africa, Asia and then the Caribbean. Although it has been used all over the world as a spice and medicine, it has only recently become popular in America.

In many ancient scripts, turmeric has been referred to as ‘gold.’ It has been found on ancient skeletons of the Indus river. It was also found on their cooking vessels.

Turmeric does not cause any side effects unlike other drugs. These pharmaceutical products may be effective, but cause too many side effects. It benefits all the organs of the body. Nothing will happen if you use it in the right dose. An overdose may lead to slight nausea and diarrhea.

You can use turmeric capsules daily in your smoothies, drinks or other dishes. This is the best way to use it as your toothpaste as well.

Curcumin is the main ingredient of turmeric. Curcumin has been proven to treat depression without any side effects.

Following Is the recipe to use it as a teeth whitener. You need only water and turmeric to make it.


  • Turmeric powder- 2 capsules
  • Peppermint oil
  • Coconut oil- 1 tablespoon


  • Mix all the ingredients until a smooth paste is formed.
  • Brush your teeth after dipping your toothbrush into the paste. Brush as usual for 3-5 minutes
  • Spit the paste out of your mouth. Rinse well
  • You will soon find your teeth to be white.

The following are the good effects of turmeric for your general oral health.

Red gums and irritation: oral irritation and inflammation can be prevented by using turmeric. It is definitely better than other chemical based commercial products. These products can cause allergy to many people. There is no awareness about such allergies. Since turmeric has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory products, it prevents gum reddening and irritation.

Oral infections including toothache: oral infections can be treated completely by turmeric. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties take care of this.

Brain protection:  fluoride is a common contaminant around us. It is found in our drinking water, toothpastes, antibiotics, non-stick pans, etc. turmeric protects our brain from the harmful effect of fluoride.

Fluoride is an extremely toxic compound. It is very dangerous for the brain and body. Turmeric has a neuroprotective component called curcumin. It can save your brain from damage. This has been scientifically proven.

Decalcify The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a very important part of our nervous system. It regulates the different hormones present in our body. It is centrally located in the brain and causes spiritual awakening in us. This gland is prone to damage by the various chemicals we use in our daily life. But, turmeric can protect it from all the harmful effects due to its anti inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

The following are the other uses of turmeric apart from the ones mentioned above:

  • Better sleep
  • Helps in losing weight
  • Treats depression
  • Hippocampus BDNF increases
  • Helps with Parkinson’s disease
  • Antibacterial
  • Helps with chronic stress
  • Antioxidant
  • Stimulates enzyme production
  • Treats psoriasis
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s
  • Beneficial to eyes
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Pain killer
  • Detoxification of liver
  • Destroys brain tumors
  • Prevents multiple sclerosis
  • Prevents cancer
  • Helps those with cachexia. Increases their body weight
  • Inhibits stomach ulcers
  • Anti aging
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Does not allow the growth of H.pylori thus preventing acid reflux
  • Increases the levels of brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF)

Note: please use organic turmeric as far as possible.

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