This Remedy Shocked Classical Medicine: Mix Horseradish And Vinegar…

Forget about medicine and pharmaceutical drugs because these two natural ingredients treat problems with sinuses and headache which is inevitable.

With the arrival of winter also come cold days and sufferings of those who have problems with sinusitis, followed by headache that sometimes can be so strong that even the strongest medicaments cannot helps. So try to improve your health condition using natural remedies. Sometimes it is better than being poisoned by industrial products offered by the pharmaceutical industry. The effectiveness of this medication stunned the official medicine.

One of this remedy’s ingredients is the string and spicy horseradish. An old Greek saying says: Radish is worth as much as weight of lead, turnip as much as the weight of silver and gold and horseradish is worth as much as the weight of gold.

Method of preparation:

Grate a fresh horseradish root and pour homemade vinegar over it. Place the mixture in a pint bottle and tightly close it. Keep the mixture in the bottle for ten days at room temperature and periodically shake the bottle.

Way of use:

Once the mixture stands for ten days, a few times during the day you need to open the bottle and inhale the mixture for five minutes. Use the liquid to soak a piece of cloth. Place the cloth on the forehead or nape and hold so overnight. The treatment lasts five days, and that should be enough to solve problems with sinuses and headache.

Another simple recipe: grate 50 grams of horseradish, add 5 deciliters of water and bring the mixture to boil. Then tilt your head over the pot, cover yourself with a towel and inhale the steam.